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Do You Know Who Demis Hassabis Is? And Why He Is One Of The Most Influential People In The World of Technology In Current Day?

In the technology arena, most of us know who Tim Cook, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg are. But many might not be aware of one of the most influential individuals when it comes to technology of today and the future. His name is Demis Hassabis. Hassabis made computing history last year when the artificial intelligence software he created defeated the best human player at Go, an ancient Chinese game. The game of Go, which has more possible moves than the estimated number of atoms in the universe, make it next to impossible for a computer to master. SO this was no small feat. Demis is best known as the cofounder and CEO of Google-owned A.I. firm DeepMind. Watch for his name in the coming years for deep conversations on the risks and rewards that super-intelligent artificial intelligence can offer!

Demis Hassabis image



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